RE/MAX Al Mohager Services

RE/MAX Al Mohager serves annually an average of 425,000 customers from over 63 nationalities,
Making our community team of Real Estate professionals one of highest experienced individuals
With Expatriates in one company. This makes RE/MAX Al Mohager Real Estate
The ideal place to position your workplace and relocate your employees in the appropriate
Residences for the cheapest rates. Buying a property is probably one of the biggest

Someone could make, putting in mind the long-term financial ramifications.
It calls for many informed decisions and for good advice from a real estate professional.
When buying a property, you can depend on our knowledge and experience and skills as a Real Estate Agent
With a history of almost 20 years in the Real Estate market. Our estimation is always matching the market value, always accurate …

Step by step care is our method

For the tenant: The Company offers the following:

1-The Company presents the best available offers which suit the tenant with its long Experience in dealing with good lassoers and choosing the best locations.
2-We negotiate for the tenant's interest to reach the best suitable price and forming the lease contract for him.
3-The Company offers the lease services for international firms and foreigners and to all Egypt's guests including short term contracts, long term or for vacations all over Egypt.